10 Best Trends In Educational Technology You Should Never Miss To Know

As an inventive educator, it’s not a new thing to keep up with the latest academic trends. It’s up to you to pick the “trendiest” aid from this list that best suits your teaching and training needs. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most important academic technology trends to keep an eye out for.

#1 e-learning

The rapid expansion of COVID-19 and school closures made e-learning, the distance learning, to become the top 2020 academic technology trend. The need for online learning platforms increased. When it comes to online education or training, e-learning refers. Employee training can be done using slide-based online activities, and it can take the form of an online course.

#2 Learning Through Video

As classroom displays, video-assisted learning has grown in demand in recent years. There is no longer a “video day” where television is wheeled into a classroom. A “video day” may be had every day thanks to the internet and digital devices.

#3 The Technology of the Blockchain

Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger Technology offers a slew of academic advantages, not the least of which is better data storage. Every time a new piece of data is entered, a new “block” is added to the system. The data will be dispersed and encrypted across various machines in the system at the same time. It allows for the dissolution and transparency of data transactions.

#4 Big Data is going to get even bigger in the future.

The learning experience must be tailored to meet the demands of students. In addition, with online learning and COVID-19 increasing, we have more data than before. Because they know what students have done before, instructional designers can modify and offer the course to their needs. Students’ enrollment, progress, and rankings should all be considered while assessing a course (rating, survey).

#5 The development of artificial intelligence (AI)

In the US education technology market, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the hottest topic. It has been predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will overtake all other trends by 2021, growing by 45%. Why, then, is this a growing trend in one of the world’s most important EdTech markets? For example, grading can be automated using artificial intelligence in education. Teachers can grade fill-in-the-blank and multiple questions. As a result, automatic grading of student work may not be too far.

#6 Analytical Skills Development

Higher education’s use of deep learning has grown in the last few years. An educator can use learning analytics to track and report students’ progress online. Because of this, they can better understand and optimise their learning.

#7 Gamification

Gamification is the best academic technology trend for making learning more fun and engaging. Students have no excuse for not performing in-class activities. While performing in interesting game activities, students can study and practice at the same time. Gaming components are included for students for making learning more enjoyable.

#8 Immersive Learning Through VR and AR

Using VR and AR in the classroom has had a profound effect on students’ academic experiences. Virtual and augmented reality (AR) are being created to suit the growing demand for hands-on learning.


If you’re looking for a better alternative to STEAM, go no further than STEAM. It’s a new EdTech trend that blends creative design and learning activities to solve real-world problems with considerable STEM content.

#10 Educators’ Use of Social Media

Have you considered that social media could play a role in your education? Why don’t we use social media as a tremendous learning tool for all students, of their age or maturity?

Using social media to teach came about as a result of this. Many academic institutions now employ social media to foster student-to-student and group interaction. Students can use this platform to share study tools, form groups, and comment on other people’s contributions. A short academic animation might become a social media sensation. Using YouTube, this institution makes tutorial videos that can be accessed, found, and shared with others.


There is a lot to digest when it comes to academic technology trends, and we’ve learned this the hard way. Remember that technology has penetrated education and changed the way pupils are taught. Especially e-learning, a teaching tool that changes students’ behaviours and motives for studying.

You won’t be sailing this EdTech ship alone. We’ll join you in testing the genuine value of learning, motivating students, and improving the relevance and empowerment of education.

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